Peptic Ulcer – An Ayurvedic Perspective (Stomach Ulcer)

Peptic Alcer

The stomach has a thick mucous membrane that lines it which protects the stomach from all the digestive juices. The stomach lining is thick as it is constantly in touch with the harsh acidic digestive juices. If due to any reason the mucous membrane becomes thin making the tissues/cells which line the stomach be exposed […]

Benefits of Karkidaka Chikitsa and Monsoon Therapy

Karkidaka Chikiltsa and Monsoon Therapy

Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Ayurveda treatment can be called a healing treatment plan involving detoxification and rejuvenation that became a part of our tradition as it had been in practice for a few decades or even centuries. The Malayalam month of Karkidaka is thought to be the most difficult of months as it is observed […]

Relief from Lower back pain : Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda for back pain

Lower back pain is a very common and painful condition that affects the lower spine in today’s fast life and can result from muscle or ligament injury. There are a lot of factors that influence the wear and tear of muscles and ligaments, including sedentary lifestyle, improper posture, inflammation of joints, etc which leads to […]

Ayurveda Remedies for Post COVID Issues

Sree Rudra Ayurveda Multi Speciality Hospital

Covid 19 impacted the entire world like nothing else in the recent past. Studies were conducted on a wide database of affected people which brought to light about the importance of post-COVID care which mostly is about taking care of one’s lifestyle. post-COVID care with Ayurveda has gained much momentum due to the fact that […]

Ayurveda For Post COVID Issues

ayurveda for health

There are increased reports of persistent & prolonged effects of COVID 19 in people who are officially declared as recovered or who are in the post-Covid phase. It has been observed that the symptoms dawdle even after testing negative for the virus. This condition is referred to as the’ post covid syndrome or long covid’ […]

How Ayurveda can help treat Acute Liver Diseases

liver diseases

A human body is composed of various organs that are assigned specific tasks for its effective functioning. The liver, being the second largest organ in our body, is one of the most important of all. It undertakes a whole lot of functions to keep the vitality of our body in check by helping the body […]

How Climate Change is Heightening the Spread of Disease

Sree Rudra Ayurveda Multi Speciality Hospital

The effect of climatic conditions on epidemics is a long-standing knowledge humans have acquired over the period of time even before the role of infectious agents was discovered. Throughout history, we can see references to holiday homes in faraway places for rulers or people of power that helped isolate them from the rest of the […]

How to reduce the disability of the body caused by Cerebral Palsy?

How to reduce the disability of the body caused by Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral Palsy which translates to ‘Weakness in the Brain’ is a neurological condition and happens due to abnormal brain development mostly before birth. It affects the motor skills of a child as the motor control centre of the developing brain is damaged which may have occurred before / during childbirth or […]

Depression in Women after giving Birth (Postpartum Depression)

Sree Rudra Ayurveda Multi Speciality Hospital

Postpartum Depression In general terms, depression is when a person has a sustained feeling of sadness and have no interest in activities. There is no specific definition for symptoms of depression, it may range from relatively minor to severe and can be caused by a blend of biological, physiological and social causes that caused it. […]

How to Fight Against Cancer

Cancer treatment

Cancer has officially been crowned by the World Health Organization as the deadliest killer disease of the 21st Century, mostly owing to the lifestyle changes and stress in our current daily life. Though in Western medicine, studies are still underway in fighting the disease, scientists are yet to come up with a sure shot medicine […]

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