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Cancer is a large heterogeneous class of diseases in which a group of cells shows uncontrolled growth, invasion to adjacent cells and tissues, and destroys them. Cancer is a general name for a group of more than 100 diseases. According to WHO, Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7.4 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths). It was predicted by Global demographic characteristics that about 420 million new cases of cancer by 2025 annually. Cancers are commonly identified by the name of organ or tissue affected or originated. (for example, breast cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer, etc). For Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer in Kerala, India; Sreerudra Ayurveda Multispeciality Hospital from Alappuzha is the best choice to treat a patient with cancer.
When a cell becomes damaged or unrepaired do not destroy and becomes cancer cells, showing uncontrolled division and growth, leading to the development of a mass. Cancer cells have the ability to create their own blood supply and they can break away from this original mass of cells, travel through the blood and lymph systems, and lodge in other organs where they can again repeat the uncontrolled growth cycle which leads to life-threatening conditions. Death occurs predominantly from organ damage caused by local growth and metastases to distant anatomic areas.
Types Of Cancer


Carcinomas are the most common type of cancer. Cancer that affects the skin or tissues that cover internal organs – example – cancers affecting skin, lung, colon, pancreas, ovaries, epithelial, squamous and basal cells. Papillomas, and adenomas are also considered under carcinoma.


Sarcomas are cancers that form in bone and soft tissues, including muscle, fat, blood vessels, lymph vessels, and fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Example – cancers of bones, soft tissues, osteosarcoma, synovial membranes, liposarcoma, angiosarcoma and fibrosarcoma etc.


Cancer that starts in blood-forming tissue such as the bone marrow and causes large numbers of abnormal blood cells to be produced and enter the blood. These cancers do not form solid tumours, but forms large numbers of abnormal white blood cells in the blood and bone marrow, exceeding out normal blood cells.


Cancers affecting the cells of the immune system. In lymphoma, tumours develop in lymph nodes and lymph vessels,

  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Causes of Cancer

common symptoms that may occur with cancer

Late Symptoms

Staging of cancer


Treatment for Cancer
Ayurveda Treatment
In Ayurveda , Explanation of concepts like Granthi, Arbuda etc ,shows similarities with cancer. Both indicates unwanted growth of tissues in body. In the context of vrana(Ulcers) also we can observe symptoms resembles malignancy. According to Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer in Kerala, India) all diseases are caused due to imbalance of tridoshas. Ayurveda explains arbuda results from lifestyle errors such as unhealthy foods, poor hygiene, or poor behaviour, or from physical trauma, all leading to imbalances of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, Resulting in injury to the inner layer of skin and the formation of abnormal branches of blood vessels. Ashtanga hridaya describes that whenever there is excessive formation of Mamsa dhatu it may lead to various pathological conditions such as alaganda, Gandamala, Arbuda, Granthi and Adimamsa where all indicates excessive growth of tissues.
Granthi has been described as a round, hard, and bulging swelling produced due to vata and kapha aggravation vitiating the muscular tissue, blood, and fatty tissues. Arbuda has been described as a round, large, muscular, immovable, deeply rooted, slowly growing swelling produced due to the aggravation of Doshas vitiating the muscle, blood, and fatty tissues.
Types According to Dosha





Types According to Dhatu

Medaja arbuda

(fatty tissue)

Mamsaja arbuda

(muscular tissue)



Cancer originates due to metabolic changes. Vata dosha is responsible for cell division. Aggravation of Vata dosha and suppression of Kapha dosha or both the doshas interacting with one another may result in proliferation of cells, aggravated Pitha results in destruction of adjacent tissues. Dhatu like rakta leads to spreading of disease.
Treating disease like cancer with a single system of medicine is like fighting to the military with a single weapon. Ayurveda offers hope in treating cancer through its multidimensional treatment methods. Combining Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer in Kerala, India) with present existing treatment methods will open a new channel for the cure of cancer. Implementing preventive concepts of Ayurveda and encouraging people to take ayurvedic treatment as a preventive measure, will reduce the incidence of cancer in society, and also it will improve the general health of the public.
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