Kidney Disorder

Kidney Disorders Treatment in Kerala

Kidney functions to remove impurities from our body and helps balance fluids, electrolytes, and control production of red blood cells. When the kidney is dysfunctional, all the aforesaid processes are hampered. The failed kidneys need to be replaced but kidney dialysis can be performed artificially in the meantime. The causes of kidney failures can be reduced flow of blood to kidneys, acute dehydration, chronic burns, liver malfunction, heart diseases etc. When kidney fails a person experiences change in taste or feels metallic taste or ammonia smell in the breath, reluctance to consume protein-rich foods such as kidney beans, oats, meat, eggs, dairy products, Shivering sensation, Increased or decreased urination, Observing blood in the urine, Urine has foams or bubbles due to protein in it, Nausea or vomiting, Mental confusion, Difficulty while concentrating, Loss of appetite, Pain in body and itching problems, Shortened breath, Swelling in facial region, arms and legs. Some or most of these can be symptoms of other types of disorders also. Kidney stones are the most common kidney disorder which is an after effect of dehydration. There are best ayurvedic medicine and treatment for kidney stone in Sreerudra Ayurveda. Also Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda is a natural procedure and is also pocket-friendly.