Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatment for Insomnia

As we sleep, the body and mind naturally unwind, cleanse, reset, and revitalize. As it is essential for both behavioural and physiological processes, sleep is as significant to overall wellbeing as food. But occasionally, several factors may impact our body’s biological patterns, resulting in either inadequate or too much sleep. The primary priority of ayurvedic medicine and treatment for insomnia is to restore balance by combating any factors that interfere with getting enough rest.

Anybody can have irregular sleep, which is also known as insomnia, wakefulness, or sleep disorders. A person may find it difficult to fall asleep in such circumstances, and even if they do, their sleep may be fleeting and result in one or more nighttime awakenings. Many people are early risers even when they go to bed late.

Insomnia & its Causes
Depression, anxiety, social or psychological issues and stress are the major causes of sleeplessness. It has been found that physical and psychological diseases are strongly associated with sleeplessness. Acute insomnia, also known as short-term insomnia, affects a lot of people and can linger for days or even weeks after a stressful or traumatic incident. However, some individuals experience chronic insomnia, which lasts over extended periods of time.

The body promptly signals any abnormalities it may have. To comprehend our body’s state better, we must pay attention to it. The following are examples of bodily signs of insomnia.

Lack of sleep can lead to

Ayurvedic approach to Insomnia

Numerous ayurvedic herbal medications that are quite effective in treating insomnia may well be found in the Indian Ayurvedic medical system. Sleep deprivation is a sleep condition known as insomnia or ‘Anidra’ in Ayurveda.

The fundamental goal of Ayurveda insomnia therapy is to restore equilibrium by warding off any elements that can interfere with sleep. The body’s natural cycles and neurological system are both managed by Ayurveda by reducing stress. The goal of Ayurvedic therapy for insomnia is to establish a healthy and peaceful sleep.

Getting to know the herbs and medicines:



Saffron / Kesar

Sandalwood / Chandan


The Ayurvedic way of life

If all the herbs are combined with a few more supportive herbs and mixed in the right proportion, they can do miracles. As a result, the finest insomnia treatment ayurvedic remedies can be benefited from by living a healthy lifestyle that complements the medication.


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