Ayurvedic Treatment Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the condition where the paranasal sinuses, which enclose the nasal cavity, become temporarily inflamed. Sneezing, nose blockage, and runny nose are the consequences of this. After determining the underlying cause of the condition, sinusitis can be treated using Ayurvedic principles. According to Ayurveda, sinusitis is classified as Dushta Pratishyaya, with Kapha being the primary dosha afflicted. The Vata dosha, which predominates in the respiratory system, becomes exacerbated and vitiated.
At Sreerudra, our expert practitioners can introduce you to efficient ayurvedic treatment sinusitis that combines oral medications with detoxifying procedures carried out through Panchakarma treatments. The treatments used in this Ayurvedic approach to treating sinusitis include the following:

Types of Sinusitis

There are multiple kinds of sinusitis:

Identifying Symptoms of Sinusitis

Sinus treatment in Ayurveda may also be benefitted by making a few simple but beneficial changes to your daily routine.

The complicated sinusitis treatment Ayurveda recommends may involve a number of methods, including therapies, oral medications, nutritional support, and way of life adjustments.

Dietary Routines and Eating Patterns

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