Ayurveda Treatment for skin Rashes and Itching

Have you ever pondered how our bones and bodies manage to stay in good shape? The main organ in our body, the skin, is a complex organ that serves as a protective barrier. The skin aids in feeling and maintains the body’s temperature in check. The sun’s strong, nutritious rays light on the skin, providing it with Vitamin D. You may look up “Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Rashes, Itching and Allergies” on the internet and consume herbs to enhance your skin’s condition. The Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease in Kerala focuses on offering medicines that help to remove the disease from its roots rather than from outside.
Functions of our skin
Several functions are performed by our skin that is discussed below:

Types of skin disease

Inflammation, cracking, and itching are all usual symptoms of different types of skin diseases. This occurs due to a variety of skin disorders caused by fungal growths, parasites, bacteria, and viruses.
Ayurvedic Therapies To Reduce Skin Problems
Ayurveda may help your skin calm down substantially. The simultaneous vitiation of the three Doshas causes all types of skin disorders (kushta), including (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha). Internally, patients suffering from Kustha dominated by Vata are given herbal ghee. Vamana – emetic therapy is given to patients suffering from Kustha dominated by Kapha. Virechana – purgation therapy – is provided to patients with Kustha dominated by pitta.


Panchakarma is one of those therapies that help in reducing skin-related issues. Panchakarmas are 5 different methods of detoxification mentioned in Indian medicine. Skin diseases are mostly treated with Panchakarma treatment in Ayurvedia. Skin disorders including ezema, psoriasis and even acne are treated using this approach. This treatment mainly comprises procedures like

Pracchanna Raktamokshana is given during the instance of Kushta with a minor symptom. Here the blood is drawn with a coarse instrument. Sira Vyadha/Raktamokshana – vein puncture – is used when the condition is more severe.


In many cases where the lession is hard, localised and well vascularized this method is effectivly used. In this method blood letting is done with the organism hirudinaria species are used.


The processes of tropical application of different forms of use full drugs are called lepam/lepanam. Medicated oils, powders made in to paste with suitable liquid medium like tender coconut water, kashayams, oils, curd etc, fresh leaf’s of many plants etc are used for such purpose.


Oilation with different medicated oils wich are suitable for pacifying the doshas involved.

Different medicaments are poured over whole body for a specific time period in accordance to the dosha predominance. Takradhara- dhara with medicated buttermilk, ksheradhara- with medicated milk, Dhanyamladhara- with medicated rice gruel.

Application of aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel’s cooling action can help soothe irritated skin and irritation. Apply the gel to your skin once or twice a day to apply this cure.

Useful herbs for bathing

The paste or decoction of Vasa – Adhathoda vasica, Triphala (Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki), Brhati – Solanum indicum are suitable for treating skin disease. Sevya is used for Udvartana (Unction) and Pralepa (external application) by a patient suffering from Kustha. The decoction of Khadira – Acacia catechu, Avaghata (Karnikara), Kakubha – Terminalia arjuna, Rohitaka, Lodhra – Symplocos racemosa, Kutaja – Hollarhena antidysentrica, Dhava – Anogeissus latifolia, Nimba – Azadirachta indica, Saptacchada (Saptaparna) – Alstonia scholaris – Stem bark and Karvira – Nerium indicum is useful for bath and drink by a patient suffering from Kustha.

Pathya – Diet

Maintaining Pathya during medication and treatment helps in determining the curability of skin diseases. Therefore, the following diets should be followed by patients suffering from skin diseases


Skin diseases are treated in Ayurveda through dietary adjustments and natural therapies. Purification procedures are frequently used, which are thought to help reduce eczema and other skkn diseases by eliminating toxins from the body.If you want to undertake Ayurvedic therapies, make sure you consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.
Astha Ayurveda provides the best and most efficient Ayurveda therapy for skin allergies. Haridra, Giloya, Ardraka, Amalaki, Haritaki, Draksha, and other herbs are used to treat this illness.
Make a paste with Tulsi leaves and lemon juice. The use of the paste to treat eczema, leprosy, and other disorders is quite beneficial. Take equal parts Tulsi leaf extract, lemon juice, and Kansaudi leaves and put them in a copper pot in the sun for 24 hours.
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