Skin Complaints

Skin Complaints

Skin complaints – Skin according to Ayurveda has seven layers. It is not located peripherally but extends itself into deeper levels of the body. As a matter of fact, skin problems have deeply routed causes. Therefore the remedies have to be penetrative. Modern treatments insist on the external application of ointments or creams or oils. But this only wipes out the problem temporarily. For the problem to completely disappear we need to clip it from the roots. The most common skin problems are acne, Razor burn and ingrown hair, Dark circles, Sunburns and Dry skin. High levels of humidity, stressful situations, as well as sweating and shaving, causes these skin problems. Sreerudra offers one of the best Ayurvedic skin treatments in Kerala. At Sreerudra Ayurveda your Ayurvedic doctor can advise you a proper toxin (Ama) eliminating diet that suits your constitution as well as your current imbalances in the diet.


Cellulitis Treatment

It is a bacterial infection of the skin and the tissue beneath the skin. This condition is caused by staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria. Symptoms are redness, pain and tenderness, warmth of the affected area, swelling etc. It can appear anywhere on the body but it is seen frequently on legs.


Alopecia Treatment

Hair loss (Alopecia) has been a worrying fact for many for people. It can be because of hair shaft and fungal infections. Alopecia areata and Androgenetic alopecia are two types of common alopecia. Alopecia areata happens when our body immune system attacks hair follicles by mistake, whereas the Androgenetic alopecia can be because of hormone imbalance, age and heredity. Androgenetic alopecia is the main reason behind male baldness. Ayurveda is considered to be the best treatment for alopecia conditions. Khalitya is the term used to describe excessive hair loss, it is classified under shiroroga. Indralupata, Khalitya and Ruhyam are the three terms used to describe hair loss in Ayurveda.

At Sreerudra we offer effective treatment for all type of Alopecia conditions based on ayurvedic texts. Our treatment includes Kesh Vardhak Medicines internally and application of specially made oils exteranlly. We use Panchakarma for Detoxification and kayakalpa for rejuvenation thus prevents aging and helps in re-growing lost hairs.