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To propagate the great tradition of Indian medicine and provide genuine treatment to the needy. Also, to be the centre of excellence for studies; Researches and treatment in Ayurvedic segment and contribute meanings to universal manhood.
Some of the particular treatments apart from the Common Disease & General treatments we treat and cure are various forms of Cancer, Spine Related complaints like Ankylosing Spondylosis, Knee problems, Rheumatic complaints, Ortho related complaint.

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There is nothing ayurveda couldn’t offer you. From minor disease treatments to entire body rejuvenation, ayurveda has everything in it to keep your wellbeing. Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvanation Therapy is mentioned as Rasayana Chikitsa in ayurvedic books), is one of its kind ayurvedic ways to rejuvenate body and mind. Rasayana literally means nutrition at macro and micro cellular level. Ayurvedic texts define Rasayana as one which destroys old age and diseases. Rasayana or Rejuvenation therapy replenishes body tissue cells and its enzymes and make sure its longevity. In effect it will help in improving the normal functioning of the immune system, keeping serenity of mind and soothing of nerves and bones.

As a part of rejuvenation therapy, special face and body massages are available using specially made herbal oils and creams. Taking Rasayana Chikitsa will definitely help you in boost the Ojas (primary vitality) and Sattva (mental clarity). Rasayana Chikitsa includes Kayakalpa, Sweda Karma, Yoga and panchakarma.

The Treatments that we Excel at the most

Some of the particular treatments apart from the Common Disease & General treatments we treat and cure are various forms of Cancer, Spine Related complaints like Ankylosing Spondylosis, Knee problems, Rheumatic complaints, Ortho related complaint’s, Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinsonism, Obesity, Different types of Muscular Dystrophy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Skin Diseases etc.


Arthritis is normally referred to joint disease or joint pains. It is most common in women but...

Gynecological Issues

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome is a gynecological disorder that is the growth of small cysts in the...

Primary Hypertension

Primary hypertension or essential hypertension is the condition of high blood pressure with no secondary...

Thyroid Problems

The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland which is a major player in regulating our metabolism...

Spinal Problems

Low back is a well-engineered structure of bones, nerves, and joints etc. that provide support, strength...

Obesity & Overweight

The two O’s are a common problem confronted by people all over the world irrespective of their ages...

Services that benefits your cure!

Services that benefits your cure!

When an illness arises, it comes first in thought form, then in sound form, and then light form, which is in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests in the body. With the practice of Ayurveda, the illness can be nipped in the bud.

Treatment Room

The hospital boasts of state of the art facility with a combination of modern and traditional treatment facilities available to make the treatments effective. Its located in Alleppey, which is known as the Venice of the east. One of the major tourist attractions of Kerala, India. The surroundings are quite green and provides a very healthy and rejuvenating and enchanting feeling for its visitors. All its in-patient wards have latest amenities and facilities. All rooms are fitted with the most modern equipment’s and facilities need for the present world. This Ayurveda retreat in Kerala provides accommodation, treatment, medicines and prepare different types of food specified by the doctor for all its in-patient based on the treatment category and food specification.

The Visionary Behind Our Successful
Journey Over the Years

Dr. K S Vishnu Nampoothiry, the founder of Sreerudra Multi Speciality Hospital and Research Centre, is a distinguished medical practitioner and scholar in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga, and allied sciences. With more than two decades of professional experience, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to improving the health and well-being of his patients. Dr Vishnu Nampoothiry is a government doctor (Senior Medical Officer) who holds multiple qualifications, including an MD in Ayurveda, a Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy, and a Master of Science in Yoga. After graduating from one of the most prestigious Ayurveda Medical Colleges in India, he has also completed advanced training in Panchakarma therapy, a specialized branch of Ayurveda, from renowned institutions in India.

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Individualised Ayurveda Program


An individualized Ayurveda program is a personalized and holistic approach to health and well-being based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. This ancient system of healing recognizes that each person is unique, with their own distinct mind-body constitution (Prakriti) and unique imbalances (Vikriti).

Rejuvenation & Detox Program


The Rejuvenation & Detox Program is a comprehensive wellness retreat designed to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit, drawing inspiration from the principles of Ayurveda and other holistic healing practices. This transformative program aims to cleanse and rejuvenate the body while promoting inner balance and vitality.

Lifestyle/Weight Management


Lifestyle/Weight Management is a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through sustainable lifestyle changes. It goes beyond short-term diets and quick fixes, focusing on creating long-term habits that promote overall well-being.

The treatments that we excel at the most


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