Ayurvedic Treatment for lung Cancer

Lung Disorders is set of problems and diseases caused in this respiratory organ through several reasons. A dry cough and difficulty breathing are the most common complaints of the patient. Lung interstitial tissue is the tissue that surrounds air sacs (alveoli) in modern medicine. Scarring and thickening of the interstitial tissue occurs as a result. Therefore, oxygen is difficult to enter the bloodstream. Most patients with lung diseases seek ayurvedic treatment for lung cancer. There are wide range of herbal practices involved lung cancer ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

In Ayurveda, Interstitial lung disease is referred to as ‘shwas roga’. All respiratory diseases are included under the term Shwas Roga. There is a predominance of Vata (air element) in the Kapha seat with ILD being a sannipapata disorder (involving all three doshas). Aside from Pitta and Kapha, other elements can also be disturbed, although the degree of involvement varies depending on factors such as etiological factors, age, habitat, etc. According to ayurvedic treatment for lung cancer, every individual has cancerous cells in their body. Interestingly, Ayurvedic practices and herbal medicines are effective in treating serious conditions such as cancer. Cancer can be treated using Ayurvedic principles. The right amount of dedication and effort can help you treat cancer with Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, cancer is caused when the three doshas of our bodies, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, are imbalanced.
In lung cancer, the respiratory cells proliferate in the respiratory system as a whole. Living organisms need to breathe in order to survive, so an abnormal interruption in respiration can have serious consequences in humans, such as cancer. In addition to affecting one part of the body, cancer can also affect the entire body based on its outcomes. As a result of the current stressful lifestyle and habitat, which involves drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food, not exercising, stress, anxiety, etc., cancer cases are growing rapidly. Ayurvedic treatment for lung cancer, states that cancer develops when the three doshas in our bodies are imbalanced. Lung cancer ayurvedic treatment in kerala works on uncontrolled growth of cells and an excess demand for food cause some of the cells to become toxic and uncontrollable. Moreover, these toxic cells damage surrounding healthy ones.
There might be a way to treat lung cancer with Ayurveda. In ayurvedic treatment for lung cancer, Yoga, herbal formulations, panchakarma, and seasonal regimens can all be used in Ayurveda to treat lung cancer. Here are the remedies:

Panchakarma procedures are not recommended for this condition. For Panchakarma to work, the patient’s heart must be strong; otherwise, many side effects will occur. In addition to weakening the heart, ILD also weakens the lungs. It is therefore sufficient to take medicine and eat a healthy diet. We usually see patients on steroids when they first visit us. Steroids are slowly reduced following Ayurvedic treatment for about two months.
Lung disease treatment in Ayurveda is determined after evaluating the disease status and conducting investigations. Following that, Agni (metabolism) is assessed at a cellular level and the constitution of the patient is determined. Ayurvedic medicine for lung improvement includes herbs with a pungent or bitter taste selected and processed according to the patient’s stage of illness and body type.

In ayurvedic treatment for metastatic lung cancer, you are provided with a variety of herbs that fight harmful pollutants and promote lung he“Safe and effective therapy solutions” are available for Lung Disorders through ayurveda. By balancing the body, mind, and soul, one can obtain health. Yoga, meditation, and the proper use of herbal remedies are all methods of treatment that will aid in achieving it.

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