About Us

Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala

Sreerudra hospital and research centre was established in 2002 in a humble way by Dr.K S Vishnu Nampoothiry, MD (Ayurveda), PGDYT and MSc Yoga (Senior Medical Officer , Alappuzha) member of KUDALMANA Family. Kudlamana family is one of the respectable families in the Nampoothiri community in Kerala, the southern part of India. The Kudalmana family is well known for its traditional expertise and contributions in Vedic practices (Veda is an organised system of science and Knowledge), Ayurveda, Astrology,Tantra and traditional rituals followed from the great Aryan and Brahmin civilisation. The hospital was inaugurated in 2008 by Brahmasri. Prof. K. K Sankaran Nampoothiri, a Vedic scholar and College principal.
Though started as a small health care entity in the premises of Alappuzha, SreeRudra has now been reincarnated as a full-fledged hospital and research centre only to propagate and promote authentic Ayuvedic treatments to the needy. The objectives of the hospital are carefully driven by Mrs Mayalakshmi, the Managing Director whose relentless efforts help expand SreeRudra Ayurvedic Hospital and research centre to its present heights. Dr. Vishnu Nampoothiri, without any personal motives, selflessly advises the hospital to ensure the most effective treatment for its inmates and for the needy. He is considered as one of the chief advisors for the hospital and the medical fraternity of the hospital.

The committed Chief physician Dr.Rabith K Rajan BAMS ,PGDYT including other doctors , staff and a dedicated team of 14 employees including expert physicians and staff makes Sreerudra one of the most acceptable Ayurvedic hospital for genuine treatments in the state is a commendable fact

At Sreerudra, we provide quality treatments through the indigenous Indian Medical stream known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the very ancient system of natural & medical healing originated in India.


To propagate the great tradition of Indian medicine and provide genuine treatment to the needy. Also, to be the centre of excellence for studies; Researches and treatment in Ayuvedic segment and contribute meanings to universal manhood



  • G: – Genuine medical approach
  • E: – Entirety: – Treat to remove the disease form its roots
  • N: – Needy: Serve the needy and provide authentic
  • T: – Treat : with Technical accuracy
  • L :- love and care to the needy
  • E : Evolve through research and developments

We will relentlessly pursue to create a healthy and happy Society!!!