Medical Advisory

Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Vishnu Nampoothiry

Founder, Chairman and Medical Director Sreerudra Ayurveda Multi Speciality Hospital


  1. District President and State Committee AMAI (Ayurveda Medical Association India)
  2. District President –KSGAMOA (Kerala State Govt. Medical Officers Association)
  3. Founder President: AyurReksha Mission, Kerala
  4. Patron: Sivananda International School of Yoga
  5. Patron: AdiSanakaracharya Social And Educational Trust (ASSET)
  6. Chairman :Public Health Committee – AMAI
  7. Convener: Global Ayurveda Festivals


  1. SamuhyaSevaPuraskaram 2007- for Social work  (Kerala State Consumer Protection Forum.)
  2. Karma SreshtaPuraskaram 2014- for Health Literacy Activities (Kerala State Literary Forum.)
  3. SreeBhadra Kali Puraskaram 2014- for Health activities (Korthussery Temple Trust.)
  4. Award for Outstanding Personality (Kurupanteparambu Kudumbayogam Trust.)
  5. Award for Best Doctor (Guru Dharma Pracharana Sabha)


  1. Regularly presenting papers on AYURVEDA & YOGA in International, National and state level seminars and workshops
  2. Written papers for health awareness for general public in state level publications.
  3. Frequent Presenter of Health talks in National and State Level visual Medias.
  4. Presented paper on Ayurvedic oncology and efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in cancer at the prestigious HILLMAN CANCER INSTITUTE,Pittsburg, USA
  5. Invited Faculty MAICE (Middle East and North Africa) international conference and Expo (Topic Ayurveda for the management of chronic diseases)
  6. Invited Faculty in Gufic enclave Malaysia To present the paper- Ayurveda in wound healing


  1. SURABHI- Ayurvedic concepts about milk and milk products-CISSA, INDIA
  2. PANAS- medicinal value of jack fruit tree