National Science Day

National Science Day



Like most traditional medical system it was developed and refined over thousands of years, using observations and experience. And that exactly where it began. In fact the word Ayurveda means “science of life”

Ayurveda Is the traditional medical system and it help to maintain the equilibrium of the body. So that we are telling ,


Ayurveda is the traditional Indian system of help to maintain the health and curing the disease. It gives protection against the rogas



This aims the basics of scientific approach of Ayurveda only. If you think we will get the evidence of scientific approach of Ayurveda, the main thing is the selection of suitable drug as per the condition of disease done under research only .Without the scientific approach the rogas and arogyam will not get suitable result.

Other than this we will get scientific approach of Ayurveda through

Agni pareesha:
This is one experiment for the identification of presence of visha in food and others ,if we burn the food which having the presence of visha while burning it will emit more smoke and bluish colour of flame.

Pakshi pareesha:
This is also diagnostic experiments of presence of visha done by olden days. After taking the visha the birds and animals will produce the different character and sounds .

Eg. Dog will bark and bite, squirrel stop dance ,etc …

Visha pareesha:
It’s also one of the experimental approach of Ayurveda this methods help to identify the involvement of visha in food

eg. Food will lose the colour, jasmine will lose the smell,falling the petals of jasmine etc..

Matra nirnayam:
For the treatment, fixation of the dose also important one. The fixing of dose done by experiments only. This all giving the involvement of scientificity .

Roga nirnayam ( By lakshanas):
As per lakshanas identification disease is also one type research only.

Roga sadyaasadyathwam:
As the condition and involvement of doshas deciding the prognoses.

Prakrithi nirnayam:
The fixation of prakithi also done under scientifically only.

Different branches of Ayurveda:
Ayurveda is the first health science started speciality of treatment with 8 branches.

Dravya guna:
It helps identification of drugs for suitable disease

Shodhana marana:
Detoxification of drugs

Eg. Kupilu,vatsanbha,parada

Taila bindu pareesha:
This is the diagnostic criteria for disease

Rogi pareesha
Yantra shastra, etc………..

Our achayras also done research for future also. Nowadays so many new disease are occurring. If we go throw the samhithas we will get ideas of these disease and managements. Nowadays all system of medicine following evidence based medicine .Ayurveda also following the same. It will also giving idea of scientific approach of our system.

And also Ayurveda keenly observed and following dina charya and rutucharya. The environmental changes and our life style for each season are explaining in Ayurveda. It will give proper health maintenance .This happened the scientific approach of Ayurveda only.

When we are developing a new drug on the basic of suitability , availability, condition , time, use etc .It also proving the scientificity of Ayurveda. As per the development of physics and chemistry the scientificity of Ayurveda also improved. It helps in thzxe fastest scientific approach .In olden days the preparation and preservation of medicine not occurs properly. But nowadays improved scientific approach and it help to clear the problem.

Ayurveda is life of science , so we are believing this science as the grace of God. Because throw Ayurveda we are getting a better life. By the scientific approach of this the quality of life is improving. So Ayurveda is scientific. For that we should respect the God,Guru,Acharyas etc for the scientific success of Ayurveda.



In ancient era there was the tremendous development of Ayurveda is happened .It build best Ayurvedic treatments and medicine. The middle era was the time destruction of Ayurveda due to world war and arrival of foreigners . After that in the present era Ayurveda made the tremendous change in the field of treatment and others. Nowadays we are regaining more knowledge by research.

For another some example for the scientificity of Ayurveda,

  • Single drug having different action as per the prakrithi of the patient
  • Same disease having different medicines.
  • New drug development for newly arrived diseases
  • Different combination of medicine
  • Different forms of same medicine
  • The proper detoxification and acceptability of minerals eg. Parade
  • Seasonal disease and its management
  • Application of Ayurveda different fields
  • Communicable disease management
  • Treatments of Ca condition and increase the life span of Ca patients.
  • Management of skin disease from it root. Etc……

For propagation and development of Ayurveda the scientificity is needed. Because Ayurveda is scientific only. The prakrithi pariksha ,roga rogi apreesha etc.. are the example of this .



Research (Anusandhanam) is the logical or scintefic search for unknown thing or information by systemic observation and experiments . Thease all information’s will gives the evidence of ayurvedic scientificity .From olden days onwards the scientificity counting till now. For finding new information’s scientifically we need more facilities , so that we can overcome problems related to research and we can go for more number of researches. For doing more research and finding information’s we need the support of Govt. and others. That will help to improve the scientificity of Indian Traditional Medicine system.

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