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Skin care and Treatments in Ayurveda

Caring the skin is one of the important things in our day to day life. If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your skin, you can very well depend on Ayurveda. Ayurveda gives you the answers for all your skin care problems. Healthy glowing skin is part of your general health. The food you eat, your daily routines and the kind of materials you use as cosmetics also play an important role in the health and radiance of your skin.
Ayurveda categorizes skin as three types – Vatta, Pita, Kapha dosha or a combination of two of them. These three doshas govern the activities of the mind and body and create physical emotional and mental tendencies.

  • Vata means Air and Space
  • Kabha means Earth and Water
  • Pitta means Fire and Water

Vata skin is usually dry, thin and cool to touch. They tend to get dehydrated easily and are vulnerable to the influence of dry and windy weather.Pitta skins look ruddy and are warm to touch and is vulnerable to breakouts. They are photosensitive and show less tolerance to hot food. These skin types are prone to freckles and moles. Kapha type possesses all the qualities of water and earth. They are greasy, thick and tolerant to the sun.Combination skins may be of vata-pita i.e. Dry and sensitive; Kapha-pitta i.e. oily and sensitive and Vata-kapha i.e. dry with oily zones.
Therefore in Ayurveda, the traditional ayurvedic treatment in kerala which is depended on the type of skin one has. For Vata skin type use products with essential oils to nurture and rehydrate it such as sesame and jojoba oils. Pitta skins need cooling and nurturing with protection from harmful sun rays. Regular exfoliation and scrubbing can help balance and remove toxins in Kapha skin type.
As beauty is not only related skin but also is produced from proper care of body, mind and soul, the need of the hour is to once again embrace the nuances of ayurveda.There are innumerable remedies mentioned in Ayurveda for skin care but above all, a healthy mind and soul is necessary for a healthy skin. For more details about the Skin related issues or Natural Skin Care, Click Here

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