Relief from Lower back pain : Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda for back pain

Lower back pain is a very common and painful condition that affects the lower spine in today’s fast life and can result from muscle or ligament injury. There are a lot of factors that influence the wear and tear of muscles and ligaments, including sedentary lifestyle, improper posture, inflammation of joints, etc which leads to lower back pain due to a decrease in muscle mass or lack of healthy muscles that support our spine. Lower back pain can range in intensity from dull to severe. It may just be an annoying pain that goes away within a few days or could also cause extreme discomfort that can even limit the range of motion. Ayurveda treatment for back pain and neck pain is focused on toning as well as strengthening the back and neck muscles, the degeneration or straining of which results in pain in the pelvic or neck area.

According to Ayurveda, chronic back pain is a result of Vata imbalance and weak bones and muscles. Ayurveda treatment for spinal problems includes treatment plans for regaining the Tridosha equilibrium. Apart from Ayurvedic herbal massages or Abhyangam, the treatment plans include herbal medicines for consumption, Vasti, Kativasti and Elakizhi. All these treatments are aimed at toning the muscles and soft tissues as well as strengthening them. Ayurveda treatment for back pain and neck pain also includes Yoga and Meditation to help assist the body with tissue regeneration and strengthening muscles.

With the current pandemic situation forcing all of us to stay indoors with restricted access, a sedentary lifestyle has taken over many households where parents work from home and children learn from home. While our drawing rooms or study rooms turned into office spaces and classrooms, we have retracted ourselves more and more indoors with very limited activities. The total number of hours spent in front of the computers sitting in a single position has gone up. That along with a bad posture and limited or no exercise is damaging the back muscles to an extent that it results in a lingering pain in the back and neck area.

Even though lifestyle changes, home remedies, and exercises cure back pains to an extent, it is always advisable to get a consultation from an expert to identify the condition that resulted in back pain to get it treated on time. Though most common mild cases of back pain can be muscle strain, overuse, or injury; severe back pains may also be due to a herniated/prolapsed disc, spondylosis, or osteoarthritis.

back painAyurvedic Treatments :

Ayurveda treatment for spinal problems is prescribed based on the root cause of the pain. The herbal medicines nourish the body from the insides and the local massages can help relieve any pressure or strained muscles and thus help the body in reversing the damage. 

The treatment plans are formed by combining different treatment methods such as:

  • Internal Medications assists in improving the digestive fire and prepares the body in handling strong medications which are called Agnideepthi in Ayurvedic terms
  • Decompressing procedures like Hot oil compressor warm fomentation therapies are effective in treating inflammation. The warmth helps soothe the pain and dilate the blood vessels which lets the blood flow uninterruptedly and flush out toxins.
  • Massage therapies are decided based on the root cause of the issue as well as the severity of each individual’s condition. The medicines and herbs used for the therapy session will also be decided after studying the body type and allergic resistance of the individual. Physical therapies are beneficial in muscle strengthening and toning and at the same time helps reduce inflammation.


  1. Podikkizhi (Choorna Pinda Sweda) 

           It is a rejuvenating treatment that can help revitalize the entire body. It is a procedure using a                                           poultice filled with medicated herbal powder applied on the affected area of the body after dipping                                   it in warm herbal oil.

       2.  Panchakarma 

            Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic detox treatment that helps rejuvenate our body by restoring our tridosha (Vata,              Kapha, and Pitta) balance, rejuvenating our immune system and thereby the entire well-being of one’s body.                With complete detox by a proper panchakarma therapy, the maintaining body would have relieved itself from             all the accumulated ama/toxins that are guided to different output channels including intestines, sweat  glands, bladders, lungs etc during the procedure.

         3. Vasti 

            To restore the Vata imbalance in our body, a medicated enema or Vasti is extremely beneficial. The                                  procedure starts with the internal administration of warm herbal oil and concoctions through the                                    rectum. Colon is the point of influence when Vata is considered. Vasti promotes bowel movements,                                  supports joints and the nervous system which in turn leads to a decrease in lower back pain.

          4. Abhyanga

           Abhyanga is a form of massage that incorporates massages at different intensities to help relieve the body      from     its discomfort. It involves gentle scrubbing which is called ‘Samvahan’ followed by pressing and squeezing     called ‘Peedan’ and in the end applying pressure to the affected areas called ‘Mardan’. All the massage strokes are to be done in the direction of body hair growth to improve blood flow in the body. Kati Vasti massage oil is used to perform Abhyanga treatment.

  • Yoga and Meditation – One of the main causes of back and neck pain is strained or tense muscles and Yoga poses or asanas are designed in such a manner that helps stretch and strengthen the back muscles that support our spine and lower back. Practising yoga regularly helps the body regain and improve its balance. With healthier and stronger muscles to support the spine, the possibility of recurrence is brought down to a minimum. 

With meditation, we get to connect with our inner self which in turn helps relieve stress and release the clenched back muscles. While we meditate, all our consciousness will be focused on something that brings us peace of mind, which diverts our attention from feeling the pain all the time. 

At Sreerudra Ayurveda, with its expert panel of doctors and therapists, we offer a wide range of treatment plans for the treatment of back and neck problems. With a proven track record of providing healing to the ones who seek assistance from various pains and bodily discomforts, we offer the best Ayurveda treatment in Kerala after conducting a thorough clinical evaluation to identify the root cause of the issue that resulted in the bodily discomfort.