Treatment for Autism in Ayurveda

Treatment for Autism in Ayurveda

Over the past 20 years, around 6.6 million children are diagnosed with different  forms of psychiatric disorder in that one among is autism spectrum disorder. 

Neurodevelopmental dysfunction like anxiety, mood disorder, manic  depression, loss of memory, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, seizures,  loss of sleep all these conditions come under the same number of autism spectrum disorders. 

The child affects this condition shows following features ; 

  • When we spoke to them, the chance of turning head away. 
  • Mumbles unintelligibly. 
  • Neither toilet nor able to feed themselves. 
  • Resists being touched 
  • Dislikes sounds and is uncommunicative. 
  • Abnormalities in eye contact and body language. 
  • Engages in activities like dropping an object, picking it up, and dropping it again. 
  • Changes in routine, highly affects. 
  • Difficulty in making friends. 
  • Restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviour, speech, interests or  activities. 
  • Rolling up your eyes. 
  • Biting of tongue. 
  • Froth discharges from mouth. 
  • Extreme distress at small changes. 
  • Difficulties with transitions. 
  • Need to follow the same routine or eat same food every day. 
  • Visual fascinations with lights or movements. 
  • Strong attachment to unusual objects. 
  • Lack of facial expressions and verbal communications. 

The exact causes for these conditions are precisely unknown. Most of this occurs  due to brain damage (at birth), prematurity, low birth weight, genetically or  hereditary factors.

As coming to Ayurveda, our अचार्य‘s explained these disorders in मानसिक सिकार ‘s (उन्माद, अपिमार, आक्षेपक, मूकत्व, ग्रह) 

The term ग्रह signifies both psychiatric and acute physical disease manifestation.  There will be improper functioning of धी, धृसि, स्मृसि, न्जान and also affect a  person’s behavior, manner and conduct. 

Our शरीर possess 3 types of दोष i.e िाि सपत्त कफ. These दोष ‘s or principles  that maintain the psycho-physiological function in the body and mind  respectively. If there are any variations in these दोष’s ,it will affect the शरीर.i.e., the  aggravation of दोष ‘s affects the mind of an individual and the intellect  becomes unstable. In this circumstances, the दोष ‘s spreads to the धमनी or  channels in the हृदर् and obstructs the मनोिह स्रोिि्. As a result सचत्त becomes  interrupt and leads to the condition like ग्रह रोग. 

The autism management is mainly focused on removing imbalanced doshas  from the body. In Ayurveda, the ideal chikitsas are शोधन (purificatory  procedures) and शमन कमय (alivative procedure).  

शोधन कमय includes: 

  • िमन (Emesis) 
  • सिरेचन (purgation) 
  • िस्थि (Enema) 
  • नस्य (Administration of drugs through nasal cavity) 
  • सशरोधारा (Pouring medicated liquids over the forehead) शमन Can be administered as लंघन (fasting) 
  • दीपन (Digestive stimulant) 
  • पाचन (Neutralizing) etc.  

According to the condition , Internal Medications are ;

  •  Ghrita’s like Kalyanaka Ghrita 
  •  Mahakalyanaka Ghrita,  
  •  Brahmi Ghrita, 
  •  Panchagavya Ghrita,  
  •  Hinguvadya Ghrita 

In rasayana’s (Rejuvination) mainly medhya rasayana such as narasimha  rasayana and brahma rasayana are mostly giving.