Mouth sore: Complete cure with Ayurveda


Mouth sore is a common irritation in and around the mouth with varying severity. They are minor irritations which usually last for 5 to 10 days and are self-healing. But in worst cases can mean Cancer or herpes simplex. A person experiences pain or burning sensation while eating or drinking. The sores can be reddish and may sometimes develop blisters. Irritations with braces or dentures, injury to lips, tongue or cheeks or burns, use of firm toothbrush are the common causes of mouth sores. These can also develop due to medication, radiation or chemotherapy in cancer patients or due to autoimmune disorders and sometimes AIDS.

When to consult your doctor?
Mouth sores need no treatment in normal cases but if they don’t it’s advised to seek treatment. Same applies if you find white patches on the sore or suspect herpes. They can develop during treatment for cancer or after a recent transplant surgery. In all of the above situations, one should consult a doctor before it gets worst.

Ayurveda treatment for Mouth sore
In Ayurveda mouth sore is referred as Mukhapaka. Mukha means mouth and Paka means maturation, suppuration or ulceration. Doctors of Sreerudra Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals in treating common to rare health problems have prescribed the following as cure to mouth sores. The Ayurveda treatments include Taking Thriphala Kashayam, Kamadugda Rasam tablets and Chandanathi ghritham or Mahathikthakam ghritham are effective. Also, applying thriphala choornam mixed with honey on these sores are good. Gargling with Yashtimadhu Kashayam is also helpful.

Traditional ayurvedic treatment in Kerala strictly follows the set of rules by ancient ayurvedic researchers.Under the guidance of a skilled and experienced Ayurvedic doctor, one can strengthen the immune system, prevent and cure diseases without any side effects and regain good health.It is also noted that there is a medicine or treatment method for every disease in Ayurveda.
Tip: Please note these medicines should be taken as per doctor’s prescription only. This article is intended for information purpose only.
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